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ALMACEN LO DE VALDEZ Merchandising oficial

Valdez’s Market relies on two fundamental aspects of the character of La Delio Valdez: cooperativism and self-management.

The idea of developing an independent workshop to manufacture merchandising arose as soon as La Delio Valdez started selling products during their shows. The Cooperative decided to get a heat press and a cutting machine and they began to stamp the t-shirts that they would later sell.

During the 2020 pandemic everything stopped, but the Valdez’s Market began to grow. They officially launched the sublimation factory where they printed caps and they began exploring the different techniques for printing the Orchestra’s original designs on t-shirts and tote bags. In the meanwhile, they set up an online store in order to facilitate the shipment of merchandising throughout Argentina and other countries of South America.

Every product made at the Valdez’s Market is thought-out, designed and printed by the workers at the cooperative’s workshop.

We firmly believe in artistic development and cooperative production. Long live independent and self-managed projects!


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